Friday, September 5, 2008

My Studio Companions

When I create, I'm extremely grateful for the company of my studio companions. Coco, Gracie and Cody are regulars by my side. Coco, our Chocolate Lab, makes her presence known by occasionally nudging her head into my arm. (This photo of Coco is not the greatest; but then of course she prefers not to have her photo taken.)

Gracie is less subtle. She tends to use my lap as a springboard to make a grand entrance from the formica table in the center of the room into the middle of my work area. Then she settles in wherever she pleases...ON whatever she pleases. In most cases this puts her directly in the middle of the project at hand, and generally my view is one of her tail.

And finally, there's Cody. Cody can usually be found inside one of my vintage train cases or playing with whatever shiny parts, pieces and treasures catch his eye. Ahhh...a boy after my own heart!

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