Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nichols, Roux, Ed "Moose" Duke, and Springfest in Southern Pines

Please join the artists of Nichols Pottery tomorrow from 11 - 2. They'll be working at the wheel in front of Artist Alley, and they'll also be introducing the tenth and final piece in their "Women of The Bible" series. Also, from 12 - 4, we'll be hosting a book-signing good time with Ashlee Park and Kim Crenshaw as they share their first book, The Fabulous Life of Roux Toulouse. Please join us to hear more about the amazing animals and their adventures.

All of this will be happening amidst the Springfest festivities in Southern Pines. Amazing arts and crafts... fabulous fair food... entertainment on two stages... rides for children of all ages... bicycle races... and more.

Ed "Moose" Duke, one of your favorite Artist Alley Artists will be performing at Springfest this year at 3:00 0n the stage beside The Sunrise Theater. You may remember Ed's uber-creative metal art, and tomorrow you'll have the opportunity to witness his award-winning story telling too.

Ed is a nationally recognized award winning story teller who is a member of The National Association of Storytellers, The North Carolina Association of Storytellers, and The Triad Story Tellers Association. He was also recently chosen to be “The Piedmont’s Best Storyteller”. Ed's built a loyal following in the region, and he promises that he'll entertain with stories fit for the youngest and the oldest in the crowd.

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Penny A said...

It sounds like a busy weekend of the most delightful order! It also makes me wish *once again* that I could be in more than one place at a time :-\ I'll be thinking fabulously successful thoughts for all involved in the SpringFest festivities :-)