Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Flowers ... The Floral Photography of Vickie Rounds

In case you haven't noticed, at Artist Alley, we have a thing for North Carolina Art and North Carolina Artists! Our artists reside from The Mountains to The Coast and from The-Middle-of-No-Where to The-Center-of-The-City. We're also blessed to have a number of local artists who share their talents with us as well.

Vickie Rounds is one of them. In fact...Vickie is extremely local, and she lives within a few blocks of Artist Alley. This photo of Vickie's work doesn't begin to do it justice. In person, each of these pieces is so vibrant and detailed that you feel as if you could step right into the flower. And while they're amazing individually, all together, their look is almost indescribable.

In addition to the quality of Vickie's work, one of the most incredible elements of it to this wannabe gardener is that each and every one of these photographs was taken in her own yard! For local gardeners, she's also willing to capture the beauty of their gardens through a custom photo session.

Whatever your skill level as a gardener or a garden-lover, I do hope that you'll have a chance to view these beauties in person sometime soon!

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