Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mixed Media Weekdend Update

What do you get when you combine 100 Mini Resistors, 23 Pieces of Paper 24 Wooden Components, 22 Talented Artists, Numerous Other Treasures, and an Unlimited Amount of Creativity?

The M4 Challenge, of course! It's Tuesday, and I'm finally beginning to fully recover from our March Mixed Media Madness weekend at Artist Alley!

The fun began two months ago when participating members of the Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild (CMMAG) each received an kit containing a set of identical items. (The kit contents are shown in the photo to the left.) Each participant was charged with using the kit contents to create a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Early last week, entries for The Carolina Mixed Media Art Guild's M4 Opening began to arrive at Artist Alley....then our First Friday Opening celebrated the mixed media artists of Artist Alley. (The evening also provided attendees with the opportunity for a sneak peak at The M4 Challenge Entries.)...and finally, there was the official M4 Opening on Saturday.

Throughout the weekend, The Alley was buzzing with activity as guests and artists alike marveled at the creativity of this diverse and talented group of artists. The photos here don't begin to do it justice!

The M4 Challenge Creations will be on exhibit at Artist Alley through Friday, March 27th. Please visit soon, and prepare to be amazed!

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3rdEyeMuse said...

is there an online place that non-locals can view the contributions? ... Cathie (aka Cleavelandgirlie) mentioned the exhibit and I would love to see the contributions. :)