Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Elvis Sighting on East New Hampshire Avenue

No....not that Elvis...this one!

Imagine our surprise early on Saturday morning when Elvis made his appearance in our store window! First we saw a man in a Santa hat with a leash in his hand. Then, the next thing we knew, and we were expecting a dog, there was Elvis in all of his glory.

Alan and I couldn't get out the door fast enough to see if we had really seen what we thought we saw. By that time, Elvis was a few doors down; but his owner kindly turned around to say, "Hello". While he paused to do this, Elvis caught a glimpse of himself in the windows, and he thought that he'd made a friend. So, of course, he greeted him quite enthusiastically.

We caught up with Elvis again several hours later. He was in town for the Reindeer Run, and from what we hear he thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. Our visit with Elvis and his owner made our day, and we're still laughing about it.

By the way, he's been named Elvis because of his melodic singing voice. We couldn't help but notice a slight sway to his hips too. And, as he rode out of sight, we caught the scent of peanut butter and bananas, and we swore that we heard someone singing, "Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me".

Oh how we love Southern Pines!

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Amanda said...

Jean, thanks for the heads up! I was able to stop back in the store today. Thanks so much for your hospitality last night - I WILL be back, and with people!