Sunday, November 25, 2007

Metal Art by Ed Duke

My friend, and fellow artist, Ed Duke creates one-of-a-kind metal sculpture from parts and pieces that many of us would consider to be junk. From railroad spikes to skillets, shovels to pipe wrenches, and all points in between; Ed finds inspiration and breathes new life into these cast-offs.

Ed suffered a creative block earlier this year. I'm thrilled to tell you that he's worked his way through it, and during the last month, he's been creating at breakneck speed. The photos with this entry show a few of his latest and greatest, and he's been adding to his collection here on almost a daily basis.

His loyal fans at Artist Alley are benefiting from his renewed creativity, and we're all thrilled for him!

Please enjoy the photos here or visit Artist Alley to view Ed's work in person. A selection of his creations are also available for purchase in our online store.

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